Ostin Allegro's Pop Meets the Classics


Just for fun, try to get the right answers to these ten questions. Select your choice from the drop-down list. You do not need to click on the tick box at the end of each question, that is where you will see if your answer is right (a tick) or wrong (no tick) after you complete the test and press the finished button. Good luck.

  1. Whose 2nd Piano Concerto is the basis of Eric Carmen's 1976 hit "All by Myself"?


  2. Whose opera provided the tune for the song "Stranger in Paradise". A big hit in 1955?


  3. Which French composer's 3rd Symphony was the inspiration for "If I had Words" in 1978?


  4. Whose Minuet in G became a Lovers Concerto in 1965?


  5. Whose Minuetto Allegretto was borrowed by The Wombles in 1974?


  6. Who had a hit with a tune borrowed from the Russian composer Prokofiev in 1985-6?


  7. Who had a hit with a tune from Tchaikowsky's Nutcracker Suite in 1962 and 1972?


  8. In which year was "Mozart 40" a hit for Sovereign Collection?


  9. On which Beethoven Sonata is the song "More Than Love" based?


10. How many times has Ponchielli's "Dance of the Hours" been the subject of a hit single?


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